Pioneer Collective Case Study: From Crew Member to Captain of Her Own Ship

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This week the Pioneer Collective is open to new members for the penultimate time this year. Out of the 5 places I have made available, there are no longer any spaces available! But I’ve opened an extra place because one member can’t actually join until September.

It is pretty difficult to describe what happens inside, and just how much I respect, enjoy and value getting to work with the members there – so instead I’m going to shine the spotlight on some of them, every day this week…Today is Louise Ware – from The Mind Playground.

Where Louise Was

Louise first took part in the inaugural One K in 1 Day in 2012.  I remember her well…

She was the participant who was working as yacht crew in the Mediterranean and who had to wait until they were on land to find a decent internet connection just so she could access the One K in 1 Day tutorials…staying up all night to make sure she had time to finish them!

Louise then joined Startup Training School as a student, and despite doing amazingly well to get her own website up and running, decided she needed to invest to take things where she really wanted…and so she joined the PC.

Louise joined the Pioneer Collective to help with the following aspects of her business:

  • To launch her new business online.
  • To get to grips with networking, meeting new people and marketing online.

Where Louise Is Now

In a few short months, Louise has gained much clarity for her overall business strategy, and what she wants to do and offer to the world, as a business owner.

She’s gone from having a hazy, vague idea of what her business might be, to having a very smart website which represents her business clearly. In addition, Louise has:

  • Crafted well-defined offerings for her ideal audience.
  • Got clarity on her brand, what it stands for and who she can best help.
  • Dived head first into the world of social media, getting up to speed and immediately seeing the potential it has for her business.

What We Did to Get From A to B

One of the big areas of focus for the work I’ve been doing with Louise is to help her navigate the online world, strategically and efficiently

  • Leveraging the OGSM tool and approach to strategic planning to bring to life her ideas, and desired life and business goals.
  • Understanding the environment of each social media platform, how it might help her business and how best to use it.
  • Getting to grips with the full range of online tech tools from a technical and strategic (i.e. how, where & when to best use them in your business) perspective.

From My Perspective…

Louise is a whirlwind of activity, even since starting a contract position to help her achieve one of her life goals.

I’ve seen her online persona blossom from one of slightly uncomfortable, unsure newbie to a confident online communicator whose personality is really shining through (in large part, I believe, thanks to a fellow Pioneer’s support in finding her voice online).

Louise is an ideal combination of:

  • Being action-oriented; give her a task and she’ll complete it at lightning speed.
  • Knowing her own mind, and knowing her boundaries and limitations. This is crucial as an entrepreneur, and one of the things I’ve most respected about Louise is her willingness to seek help and support in the areas she needs.
  • Being so very open-minded and willing to try anything; another crucial characteristic as a business owner who isn’t afraid to try and fail.

I think Louise is one of those people who will make a go of anything she puts her mind to, so I’m excited to see the results of her business activities with The Mind Playground and other projects she decides to work on. The main challenges for Louise going forward will be:

  • Dedicating the time to move her business forwards; Louise has a very full life (by choice), and while she manages and juggles it all really well, to move the needle on her business even more, she’s going to need to have periods of extended focus and prioritising it.
  • Putting in place an effective online marketing system, to market her offerings to the right type of clients.

Here’s what Louise says about being a member of the Pioneer Collective:

“I entered the Pioneer Collective knowing my specialism, but not really knowing how to make money from it. Lea helped me move from having a dreamy idea to creating a specialist offering for a niche area, and it being very me.

There is such a mix of people within the group. that I can get views from a tax consultant, an interior designer, a stylist, a professional writer, a web designer and more. This access to such a focus group is value for money enough!

But where I really get value is moving quickly through the business process, having answers available at my fingertips, and learning how to do it myself. It’s a supportive group, and adds huge value if you want to move quickly with your start up business.”

Do You Need Some Help Achieving Your Business Goals?

If you’d like help getting to where you want to be in your business (and life), have a look at what you get when you become a member of the Pioneer Collective.

For this week only, we’re open to new members (there’s only 1 space left) and won’t be opening again until at least October/November. If this feels like the kind of support you’re looking for, find out how to join here >>>

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