Showing Up. Being Seen. Standing Out. (Reluctantly!)

It’s taken me 40 years to get to a point where I finally feel more me than I’ve ever done. Funny coincidence that it all began making sense when I stopped ignoring some fundamental aspects of what makes me me!

I’m adopted (ignored this till I was 39). I’m gay (also ignored till I was 39). I’m Asian (hard to ignore this one). I’m a single mother (conciously chose this after no longer ignoring the gay thing!). I run a location independent consultancy on working remotely (finally re-embracing this concept after years of ignoring it!).

For want of a better definition, this is a lifestyle blog. I write about life – mostly mine and maybe sometimes yours too – and the things that are important in life. You can find out what these are here (or just keep reading below!)…

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