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Is your business getting to a stage where YOU are beginning to hold it back? Instead of doing things all by yourself, is it now time to get things done for you? We can help!

If you’d like help completing the kinds of tasks which always seem to drag you down, leaving you free to focus on the things that light you up and make the most difference in your business, this is for you.

How This Works

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Still operating on very tight margins, unsure of your monthly cash flow? The flexible, Pay As You Go plan is for you:

  • Flat rate of £35 per hour, for all task types.

Need regular help, and have the cash flow to invest in quality support? Choose from our monthly subscription options:

  • 5 hours per month at £22.50 per hour, for all task types (£112.50 per month).
  • 10 hours per month at £20 per hour, for all task types (£200 per month).

We aim to keep things flexible and easy, so:

  1. There is no tie-in, nor minimum period – and you’re free to cancel at any time.
  2. To switch plans mid-month, we’ll refund pro-rated fees on your existing plan, and ask you to subscribe to the new one afresh.
  3. If you need to buy more time, you’ll be able to buy extra hours at your plan’s hourly rate.

If this all sounds too complex, simply start with the option which suits you best and if you need to change, drop us a line and we’ll walk you through how to change!

*** Extra Resource *** If you need it – when you sign up, we’ll send you our “Outsourcery Checklist” to make it easy for you to collate all the information we may need in one place, so you have it to hand whenever you need it.

Step 2: Send in your Tasks!

You’ll set up an account on our Rescue Desk so you can submit and track your support tasks easily; and we’ll keep you updated with how much time you’ve used/got left, after we complete each task.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the tools we support:

  • Website Platforms: WordPress, HTML
  • WordPress Themes: Headway, WooThemes
  • WordPress Premium Plugins: Gravity forms, Wishlist, MemberMouse, Backup Buddy, ManageWP
  • Mailing list providers: Aweber & Mailchimp
  • Hosting: Bluehost, WP Engine, C-panel
  • Selling & Payment Options: Paypal, Ejunkie & Gumroad
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Tumblr
  • Business Software: Google Apps, Gmail, Amazon S3
  • Webinar software: GoToMeeting
  • Other tools: PicMonkey, BufferApp, HelloBar and more

And here’s an idea of the kinds of tasks we can do for you:

  • WordPress support – updating your site themes, plugins, and core installation, taking back-ups and more.
  • Content support – editing and proof-reading your blog posts, pages, social media updates and newsletters.
  • Multimedia creation – creating brand-matched graphics/buttons/images for your site & social media activities.
  • Social Media support – updating and customising your profiles.
  • Online Admin support – creating payment buttons, updating product details, calendar scheduling, and more.

If you don’t see something you need, drop us a line and ask – if it’s using one of the tools we support above, the chances are good that we can do it :)

Step 3: Get Stuff Done!

We’ll go away and perform your tasks, keeping you up-to-date throughout. We’ll aim to start working on each request (well) within 24 hours of receiving it, although the completion time will depend upon the length and complexity of the task.

Things You Might Want to Know

Who’ll be doing my stuff?

I work with 2 highly competent professionals; you’ll usually work with the same one for the majority of your tasks, but the other will always be available to step into the breach if needed (as will I!).

I have hand-selected these people because I can trust that they will do the job to the same standard and level that I’d do it. If I’m putting my name behind their work, their quality is of UTMOST importance.

How do I/you track my hours?

We use an online time-tracking tool and will always round down to the nearest minute. So if a task took us 23 minutes and 55 seconds, we’ll log 23 minutes. At the end of each task, we’ll give you an update of the time you have remaining for future support.

Does any unused time roll over?

It doesn’t. If you’re signed up to one of our monthly plans, your time expires each month and does not roll over – use it wisely and well :) Pay As You Go time is valid for 1 month, so if it’s not used within 1 month of purchase, it expires.

How do I cancel my Plan?

You are free to cancel a monthly plan at any time. If you paid via Paypal, the fastest way for you to do this is to log in to your own Paypal account and find the last subscription payment you made. From that transaction, you should then be able to cancel the subscription agreement.

For a full set of our Terms of Service, click here.

Want Us To Do It For you?

Make your choice below, and we’ll get started as soon as you submit your first task! Once your payment is complete or your subscription has been set up, you’ll be automatically re-directed to create an account with our Rescue Desk…

1 Hour for £35

Do it for me!

5 Hours per Month for £112.50

Sign up for 5 hours per month

10 Hours per Month @ £200

Sign up for 10 hours per month

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