The Me First Experience

We have never had such open access to the resources we need to do and learn almost anything. We have never lived in such abundant times – with practically everything we want at the touch of a button or a mouse click away.

And yet despite these abundant times, so many of us are still struggling in what feels like survival mode, quite clearly NOT thriving. (Yet). We’re fighting systems we don’t fit within. We’re working in jobs we don’t always believe in. We’re buying things we don’t really need. We’re surrounded by people who want to keep us small.

And when we’re constantly bombarded by messages that we’re here to serve others, to give back – that we need to be a more empowering leader, a more conscious parent, a more empathetic partner, a more emotionally intelligent colleague etc. etc. – it’s no wonder we find it hard to put ourselves first, to be selfish with our attention and to say “no” to the constant demands on our time and energy.

And yet that is exactly what many of us need to do. We need to say “No” to others. We need to say “Yes” to ourselves. We need to start saying “Me First”. So that we can live more and give more. So that we can do it from an overflowing cup and not a permanently depleted one. And so that we can feel happy and grateful about it; not resentful and bitter, and constantly ondering when our time will come.

Can we change this?

Yes but (!) when we’re considering making a change, the unknown and what lies beyond the change usually seems FAR more terrifying than the reality we know – no matter how uncomfortable that current reality may be. And so we continue along our path, often in denial, until something triggers a change.

Often it’s a crisis or an external event that forces us to do something, and we go into panic mode, deal with it or we sign up to a course, a programme, a boot camp or something to give us that jolt we feel we need…and then return to our usual modus operandi once the crisis and panic are over. No change there then!

Real change – the kind of change that changes your perspective, that alters a narrative you’ve told yourself forever, or that helps you let go of a long-held belief – usually takes longer than a 4-, 6- or 8-week online course. It often requires more than watching a ‘how to video every week or chatting with a group of like-minded peers in a private Facebook group every day.

It requires you to be willing. To be open. To be aware. To be selfish. To be vulnerable. To take risks. And to put yourself first for long enough to get to really know yourself first. Are you game?

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

Why The Me First Experience?

When thinking about how I want to show up in the world and what I want to offer, I started with…Me First. And here’s what I want…

I don’t want surface level, I want deep. I want the time and space to explore the questions that matter in an intelligent, emotional and spiritual way. To be able to truly consider what we do in business, in our careers and in our lives, how we operate in each, and why we do this. To explore why we respond and react the way we do to things – and to understand what our triggers are. To be able to create a coherent plan and make conscious choices from a place of awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance.

I don’t want to split or separate themes and topics, I want to integrate them. I don’t want to have a strategy offering, a marketing offering, a business coaching offering etc. – in my sessions with clients the way I work has always been to cover everything and anything that’s needed (personal and business), with a little bit of coaching (guiding them to find the answers for themselves), mentoring (giving them the answers) and sometimes some consulting (doing stuff for them)…and yet I’ve structured and sell my offerings separately. DUH. I want The Me First Experience to encompass it all.

I want to create a more immersive experience for the people I support. Apparently one of the upcoming trends is to use technology (virtual reality, AI etc.) to create better digital experiences for people; this is not what I want. I want to create more human experiences…chances to better and more deeply connect with people who are on the same journey as we are, to be more present and active in our real worlds, not just our digital ones.

I want to combine our digital and real life worlds and our business and personal lives – with emails, group chats, peer support, virtual pizza parties (yes, really!), and more.

I want to make and receive a commitment – with a 2-year long experience and a commitment from both you and me to an ongoing exploration of what works best for us and what doesn’t.

I want it to be about the individual and a community – you’ll begin your experience when you choose and join a group of fellow Me First-ers also exploring the same experience but often at different stages.

I want to help you create your own sense of belonging, identity and expression – you’ll get to wear the t-shirt, put up the poster and feel like you fit in (in a good way), instead of always being the odd one out.

I want to create fun, freedom, play and a little bit of naughtiness – there’ll be card decks, meditations, games, challenges and more.

I want you to be focused and in-depth – by exploring just one theme a month, focused on a central question to be examined from multiple angles (i.e. personal, business and career perspectives), you’ll have the time and space to dive deeply into the topic instead of being rushed from one module to the next at a pace you can’t sustain.

The Me First Experience is for people who want something different from the usual self development or business course; it’s for people who want to dive deeply into the corners of their own world to understand themselves better, so they can create a life and business/career which are deeply fulfilling to themselves and others.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” – Jim Rohn

I’ve worked with Lea in the past and always come back because I know there will more be “aha!” moments with her, and it’s been no different this time round.

It was a no-brainer for me to join when it first launched. Lea’s ability to ask the right questions that really push you, whilst still offering support and encouragement is fantastic, and it’s great to be doing so with a group of people who are also working on their personal growth and development.

Although the topics covered are deliberately challenging and go quite deep, elements such as the chat group and video get-togethers makes it really easy to talk about what you’re experiencing and going through in a friendly, natural way.

Being a part of this group epitomises everything I love about working with Lea – it’s like having the friend who isn’t afraid to ask the difficult questions because she know’s it’s best for you in the long-term, but is there supporting you all the way (and inviting you over for pizza to talk about it)!

Joanna Fallon

Founder, The Cotswold Chalkboard

What Is The Me First Experience?

This is not your usual online business course or self development programme. It’s a 2-year long journey to explore your current experience of life and how it’s working out for you, and then define the kind of life you want to create for yourself.

The first year is all about getting to know yourself more deeply than you’ve known previously. We spend the first 6 months very internally focused, before expanding outwards a little. We explore one core question a month around the following themes:

  • Your Fears
  • Your Assumptions & Beliefs
  • Your Triggers
  • Your Blind Spots
  • Your Self Perception and Self Belief
  • Your Boundaries
  • Your Habits & Patterns
  • Your Core Values
  • Your Language & Communication
  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Your Influence and much, much more.

During the 2nd year, we’ll explore what “Me First” really means to you in relation to themes such as:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Energy, Time & Money
  • Career
  • Resilience
  • Conflict
  • Style & Spaces
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Purpose & Legacy

The Me First Experience is an opportunity to truly explore who you are, what makes you who you are, what makes you tick (and what doesn’t), and how you want to show up in the world – in life and in business. It’s an opportunity to take some time out to think about and for yourself – about who and how you’re being –  and to create a more conscious experience for yourself, now and in the future.

How Does This Work In Practice?

At the core of The Me First Experience is a series of emails to introduce you to the monthly themes and share the relevant information about other events, happenings and fun stuff that is taking place each month.

At the beginning of every month, you’ll receive an email sharing the month’s theme along with the central question we’ll be exploring and answering for ourselves.

The goal with each email is to help you pull apart any unconscious assumptions, cause you to re-examine your usual ways, and then help you reconstruct things in a way that will work better for you…in business and in life.

Each week, you’ll receive further emails with details including:

  • Regular group chats and webinars to share insights, questions and thoughts around the month’s theme.
  • An invitation to participate in ‘real life’ challenges to stretch your own comfort zones.
  • Suggested sources of information for you to explore the theme in even more depth, should you choose.
  • A note or video sharing my personal experience and thoughts around the month’s theme.
  • Invitations to virtual pizza parties – the party is virtual, the pizza is real with one lucky me-firster receiving their pizza on me.
  • Special offers and discounts in the shop on products for each month’s theme.

What You Get When You Join The Me First Experience…

When you join the Me First Experience, you’ll receive:

  • All Me First emails, including the monthly themes, additional resources, challenges, invitations to events and discounts in my shop.
  • An invitation to our monthly group call.
  • Membership of an online support group.
  • An invitation to our monthly virtual pizza party, and the opportunity to win free pizza for the party.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

The Me First Experience has been a complete game changer for me. Having a group of women to bounce off ideas and thoughts is an amazing resource to have.

Being able to share things from my life to hear the perspective of others is an experience I cannot recommend enough.

It’s like talking to your rubber duck in the shower but the duck asks intelligent questions and might even share a pizza with you – virtually that is.

If you are looking for inspiration, if you need a group of intelligent people that have your back without judging you (though they might tease you at times, because, well, they like you!), if you want to get unstuck, then this is for you.

Valentina Thörner

Happiness Engineer, Automattic

Join The Me First Experience

You can join the Me First Experience at any time. You’ll receive your first themed email on the following Wednesday (and you’ll receive a personal welcome from me too to let you know you’re in the right place and how to make the most of your decision).

To join the next The Me First Experience, set up your monthly subscription below. Your investment in this experience is GBP 35 per month, for 24 months.

Questions Answered

I don’t run my own business. Is this for me?

The Me First Experience isn’t just for business owners though there will likely be a few of us around. It’s for anyone who wants to create a more conscious life – which includes the kind of career or business you want to pursue. If you want to change the current career path you’re on but you’re just not sure what fits you best – whether that’s changing jobs or starting a new business (for the first or xth time) – we will be exploring themes that will help.

Can I go back to themes I’ve already explored and re-explore them again?

Absolutely! I actively encourage you to revisit any and all of the themes we explore during your 2 year journey; things change, we change, and it’s a necessary part of the process to keep reevaluating how many of these areas are impacted.

If I have an ‘off topic’ question/problem, will you help or do we need to stick to the themes?

This is not designed to be an anytime-support offering where you can ask everything you want about anything, at any time so I do ask that you stay as close to the themes and topics as possible. However, it’s my goal to support you on your journey as best I can; if something is blocking your way then I will do my best to help you through it – just ask!

How do the virtual pizza parties work?

On an agreed day – and bearing time zone differences in mind – you’ll be invited to take part in a more sociable, informal and virtual get-together (using online video).

Order pizza/your favourite food or cook something yummy for yourself and we’ll eat together, chat and get to know each other in a different setting. Each month, I’ll pick a random Me-Firster who I’ll be treating to their meal.

Do I have to commit to the full 2 years?

You don’t have to commit to the full 2 years, though of course I hope that you do. If you choose to leave The Me First Experience, simply cancel your subscription and you’ll be able to leave immediately.

Join The Me First Experience

You can join the Me First Experience at any time. You’ll receive your first themed email on the following Wednesday (and you’ll receive a personal welcome from me too to let you know you’re in the right place and how to make the most of your decision).

To join the next The Me First Experience, set up your monthly subscription below. Your investment in this experience is GBP 35 per month, for 24 months.