I’ve had enough of the impersonal, one- or two-dimensional online courses. My goal is to create multi-sensory experiences for the people I work with and be an equal participant myself – if I’m asking you to go ‘there’, I’m right there with you too.

Values-Based Strategic Planning

When did you last consciously, ‘selfishly’ and with specific intent, think about what you really want your life and your business to be like? And when did you consciously create a plan or set an intention that puts those needs and wants first? This is a 4-week guided online experience to help you create a cohesive plan – for your life and/or your business – which puts your core values at the heart of everything.

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The Me First Experience

The Me First Experience is for people who want something different from the usual self development or business course. It’s for people who are willing to dive deeply into all the corners of their own world – however dark – to understand yourself better, so you can create a life and business/career which is deeply fulfilling to you and those who matter most to you.

Join me for this 2-year long exploration of what it means to be you and to put yourself first, in business and life →