How well is what you're doing currently working for you?


You Can’t Be The Leader You Need To Be Until You Crack This…

As the CEO of your business, you are a leader by default. It may not feel like it if all you seem to do is lead yourself (round in circles?!?) and have no followers to speak of, but you are the leader. Tag 😉

Whether you’re at the start up stage or you’re in growth mode, as the CEO of your business your business needs you to step up and lead.

And so it happens that many of us are thrust – or thrust ourselves – into this leadership role without any training, prior experience and know-how of exactly what we’re meant to be doing. The first place to start is with yourself. But what does this mean exactly?

How do you lead yourself successfully?

One of the things I focus on in the Mastery Series is to help you develop different skills, habits and practices. In fact, the very act of doing this – of effective change, and embedding new habits and behaviours that serve you better – is one of the main ways you can begin to lead yourself.

As a leader, it’s your job to identify what is and isn’t working well – for yourself, for your business, and for your people – and then to facilitate the changes that are needed.

There is no change without awareness…

In order for change to happen, there must be an awareness that change is needed. This can come in many guises…

  • Recognising that your current pattern of self talk is keeping you where you are (which is not where you want to be).
  • Understanding that your current story is not serving you most effectively.
  • Realising that the people around you want you to stay where you are, as you are, and who you are.
  • Acknowledging that your current relationship with money is not working.
  • Knowing that you don’t yet feel like the leader or CEO you want to be.

But without a trigger, awareness keeps you stuck…

Frustratingly, even when you have awareness it still doesn’t always drive change. You may well be aware – of the need for change, of the things holding you back, of the areas where you need the most help – but until the right trigger comes along, you will likely hold off on taking any action to make a change.

Triggers too can come in all sorts of shapes and forms:

  • Missing out on yet another opportunity to do something you want to because you ruined it for yourself.
  • Realising that this is NOT the story you want to create for yourself or your kids.
  • You are so fed up with seeing others make it happen while you go nowhere, year after year.
  • You’re sick (maybe even literally) of putting everyone else first, and you’ve finally realised that perhaps ‘their’ best interests aren’t necessarily in YOUR best interests.
  • You hate the money story you seem to be creating for yourself.

You know what it’s like when you deeply want to do something, be something or have something and yet you can’t seem to get over yourself to achieve it, don’t you?

Leading yourself is about cultivating awareness of what needs to change, and using the trigger(s) – whatever these may be – to drive through change, whether this means embedding new habits, starting new practices, or trying different behaviours that serve you better.

You can’t lead others effectively, until you can lead yourself successfully.
How well are you leading yourself?


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