If you build your life & business around being wholly true to yourself, what will that look like?


In this audio series, I pose a question designed to help you RETHINK the way you may currently doing something. In this episode, I’m RETHINKING email…

Three Pre-requisites For Being A Game Changer

If you’re sitting on a business that could be a game changer but it’s not there yet, what will it take to make it so?  If you look at today’s game changers of this world – the Elon Musks, the Richard Bransons and the Oprah Winfreys – there are a few traits and behaviours that aren’t… Continue Reading →

Why You Are Nothing Special (Yet). And How To Change That…

Do you ever stop and wonder why – despite all the hard work you’ve put in to your business – you still feel like just another one of the millions of coaches, web designers, writers, yoga teachers, [insert your role here] in your industry? Perhaps it’s dawning on you that – to the outside world, the one that matters to your business… Continue Reading →

Five Ways Your Seemingly Boring Business Can Be A Game Changer

It is easy to look at the game changers around you and say, “I just can’t see how that would work for my business”, and go back to your business-as-usual mindset… Perhaps you’re one of millions of life coaches trying to find your niche or maybe you’re a web designer trucking along pitching for projects. With that mindset… Continue Reading →

Are You Afraid of Your Own Success?

Do you frequently self sabotage right when you’re on the cusp of success? Do you procrastinate, delay and faff even though you’re excited and passionate about what you do? Do you let yourself get easily overwhelmed by the less-than-priority tasks on your list? Or do you struggle to focus on a task at hand or… Continue Reading →

Do You Have To Be So Damn Nice All the Time?

There is so much nice-ness, so much sugary sweet, so much…not being-you-ness around online. And oh-so-much fear. All this talk about authenticity online and here we are drowning in nice-ness…and did I mention fear? It’s easy to be drawn into it – to be drawn into this need to be liked by the people who follow… Continue Reading →

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