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What Would Make You Up Your Game?

You know, I don’t think your performance has been good enough so far. You just need to raise your game“.

Those aren’t quite the words you want to hear at a mid-interview feedback session for the dream job you never thought you’d get a shot at. But there I was – head full with a steaming cold – sitting opposite a lady in a white suit wondering how on earth I could raise my game in the final group exercise.

I managed it; in fact I aced the final exercise and I knew it, then and there, that I’d got the job. And I was offered the job along with the £10k golden handshake a full year before I’d even graduated from Warwick Uni.

You’re not that great at change, are you? Not real, core belief change. You’re very rigid.

Cue my jaw dropping on the floor. Doesn’t she know that I’m GREAT at change? I’m always changing stuff. I was nomadic for 3+ years of my life. Not that great at change?!?!???

But she was right – the lady I’d booked a session with to help with a pain in my wrist had managed to pinpoint something rigid within my belief system that has since been game-changing. Much like the lady at my Accenture interview.

They were the last things I wanted to hear or believed about myself at the time. But they were game-changing words that changed my future and I’m grateful to those honest enough to utter them.

What do you need to hear that would result in a seismic, game-changing shift for you?

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