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Our Parenting (and Life) Beliefs

Before I dive into this diary-like adventure – charting our experience of parenting, entrepreneurship, home educating and with a bit of extended travel thrown in – I thought it would help to collate the sum of our beliefs, as people and parents, which inform many of our decisions in life, and in business.

{Please note: This will be an ever-evolving list, as we grow and change as much as our kids}

On Parenting

  • It’s a privilege, not a right.
  • We don’t sugar-coat life nor hide what can be difficult truths.
  • We want to retain and invite magical mystery into their lives frequently.

On Food & Wellness

  • We eat as organic as possible.
  • We use natural products wherever we can (body care, household etc.)
  • We are meat-eaters; at least 2 of us have metabolic types which require a protein-rich diet.
  • We aim to address the root cause, rather than treat the symptom.

On Education

  • Our children were born knowing far more than we know; and in many cases we ‘educate’ this knowing out of them.
  • It’s our job to prepare them, as best we can, for the world they’ll operate in as adults.
  • Our goal for their education is to prepare and equip them to thrive in this world, and be happy.

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