Since 2006, I’ve written and self published numerous eBooks and eGuides. You can see two of my most popular and enduring ones below…

The Location Independent Lifestyle Guide

The original ebook I wrote back in 2007 as we began our location independent journey as some of the first few folk to try the digital nomad lifestyle. This is a summary and culmination of everything we learned about becoming and being location independent after 3+ years permanently on the road.

Find out how we prepared to leave the life we knew to hit the road indefinitely – what we did with our properties, our stuff, and how our families reacted. Read more about how we set and ran our businesses online, as well as how, why and where we travelled to while on the road.

Values Matter

Living your core values is for the truly courageous – the visionary, progressive leaders whose mission it is to make a difference in this world, not just make money.

Using core values as your guiding set of principles in life and business empowers you to find and communicate more meaning for yourself and others; it enables you to forge deeper relationships built upon shared values, and it helps you set your true course and steer your way through it, with the confidence and assuredness that you have a plan that connects the dots.