Me First, As A Mother.

I suspect this post will be triggering for some. I suspect this post will cause people to judge me (negatively). I suspect this post will be 'proof' to some that I'm the hard, cold, selfish person they think I am. But, never one to shy away from being direct and...

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On Authenticity & Vulnerability In Business (And Life)

My therapist said an interesting thing to me this week, after we spent most of the session talking about my need for rules on how to just 'be'*. She said: "It seems like you're moving to a place of just being more authentically and more vulnerably you". Ugh. [* It's...

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Being Adopted: The Journey, Part 1

When you start to explore something that you've been in denial about your entire life, two life-changing things can happen*: The stories and narratives you have always told yourself get blown out of the water. You realise that who you think you are, i.e. some of the...

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On Luck, Choice and Belonging

When I wrote about the frustrating irony of Me First, and how it relates to me wanting to be ok with my loved ones choosing themselves first, I missed off one important Me First – my very first experience of that – which has undoubtedly shaped the me I am today: My...

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The Frustrating Irony of Me First

For me – though I appreciate less so for others – it's relatively easy to think about putting myself and my needs first and to be – for want of a word with fewer negative connotations – selfish... I'm ok with my children not being my entire world. I'm ok with wanting...

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The Trigger To Change

"Fate is the hand of cards we’ve been dealt.  Choice is how we play the hand." — Marshall Goldsmith A few people have asked "Why now?" when they hear that I'm finally – after 39 years of being in utter denial – exploring my adoption. The thought of lifting the lid on...

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Who Am I?

It's a really disconcerting feeling when all that you thought you were – who you think you are – turns out to be some kind of construct you built to keep yourself safe after experiencing a trauma in childhood (or in my case babyhood). In her books about adoption*  –...

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Are you afraid of your own success?

Do you frequently self sabotage right when you’re on the cusp of success? Do you procrastinate, delay and faff even though you’re excited and passionate about what you do? Do you let yourself get easily overwhelmed by the less-than-priority tasks on your list? Or do...

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