Who Are You?

I do my best work with people – usually women – who know they’re not yet being truly and fully themselves. They know that they’re still hiding, scared of being seen but if they are seen, they’re terrified of not being seen to be good enough. And yet they’re desperate to carve out their own path – especially career- or business-wise – because deep down there’s another nagging sense that this is the only way to do it. The following are common traits I’ve noticed in the people I work with…

  • You know that the discovery of ‘you’ is an ongoing process, and you’ll never truly be done.
  • You know you’re hiding from your own professional success, and limiting your own potential.
  • You probably struggle to put yourself first, even though you know you need to.
  • You’re feeling more ready than ever to let go of the beliefs, triggers and behaviours that no longer serve you best (no matter how deeply ingrained they may be).
  • You want to let go of the guilt and shame you feel when you put yourself first, and now recognise how fundamental this is to being able to give more, in all areas of your life.
  • You’re finally ready to how up, be seen and stand out (eeeek!) 😉

What You’ll Find Here

I share quite personal stuff both here and with patrons. Why? Because if I’m asking you to go deep, show up and be seen, then I want to earn your trust and go deep, show up and be seen myself, first. If you’re being encouraged to shine a light into some of those dark corners and recesses you’ve never dared look at before, it can help if someone else goes first. So…me first.

As a patron, you’ll also get access to everything I create using my 15+ years in business to help you start, run and grow your own business, including ebooks, tools, templates, resources and more. And because I think relationships are always better as a two-way exchange, please do join the Ask Me Anything sessions and the community group available to share your experience, questions, comments and thoughts.

Who Am I?

That’s a very good question and one I’m still figuring out after quite a life-changing year in the run up to my 40th birthday – I divorced my teenage sweetheart, started a relationship with a woman, began to explore my adoption, made huge changes to my business, and dyed my hair for the first time ever (with a hidden rainbow, no less!!) – which had me pondering: Who Am I?

At the moment, this is what I do know about myself…

  • I’m Lea (pronounced Lee-UH NOT Lee), although the name my birth mother gave me was Jovy.
  • I’m Filipina, was born in HK and adopted by English parents from birth (who were given just 7 days to prepare for my arrival!).
  • I LOVE food and I most definitely live to eat. I eat almost 100% organic, though I am partial to the odd gourmet burger and fries.
  • My favourite colour is a deep teal.
  • In previous incarnations, I’ve been a management consultant for the world’s largest consulting company, before leaving to re-train as a holistic health coach.
  • I married my teenage sweetheart who I met when I was 17. After 22 happy years together we separated amicably in 2016.
  • I have two gorgeous children, Mali and Samson. But motherhood is definitely NOT the be-all and end-all for me.
  • I’m now in a same-sex relationship with one of my best friends. And I absolutely believe most women are more fluid than we dare to admit 😉
  • My core values are freedom, integrity, excellence and empowerment.
  • I’m ridiculously logical, intuitive, spiritual and highly creative – but not in the artistic sense (I can’t draw to save my life).
  • If you’re into Myers Briggs, I’m an INFJ. If you’re into the Fascinate system, I’m the Victor. If you’re into Human Design, I’m a Manifestor.
  • I’m 5 feet and 1.5 inches – the 0.5 is very important. If you’re also this short petite, you’ll know.
  • I have a very British accent but also speak a bit of German, French, Spanish and Italian.

During my time as an entrepreneur and business owner, I’ve:

  • Created a global movement, which garnered international media interest and caught the attention of big brands such as Dell.
  • Written, self-published and sold a number of ebooks; the first back in 2007 before everyone was doing it.
  • Organised and hosted the first (and second) ever national UK conference for illustrators.
  • Coached, mentored and consulted for hundreds of business owners online.
  • Run numerous businesses including a health & fitness coaching business, a web design & development business, professional blogging (i.e. I was paid to blog), freelance writing, technology consulting, strategic business consulting.
  • Been listed in Forbes magazine’s Thirty Women Entrepreneurs To Follow on Twitter.
  • Been featured in national and international press. You can see all my press & media mentions here.

Are You Ready To Show Up, Be Seen & Stand Out?

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