Lea Woodward

Me First

If you want to get to a place of knowing that putting yourself first is the least selfish thing you can do, this is for you.

Hi, I’m Lea (pronounced Lee-uh, not Lee) and I’m a writer, strategist and coach. I’m also a home-educating mother of two, partner to a wonderful woman, and most definitely a foodie!

I left the corporate world in 2004 to figure out how to create a life of more freedom by running my own business. It turns out that creating more freedom was really about getting better at running my own life (instead of letting life run me), figuring out how to put Me First, and embarking on an ongoing discovery about who I actually am!

Why Me First? If I’m asking you to go deep then I want to earn your trust and go deep myself first.

That’s why I share what I do on this site about my own journey and path – because when you’re being encouraged to shine a light into some of those dark corners and recesses you’ve never dared look at before, it can help if someone else goes first. So, me first…

Who Am I? By Lea Woodward

Who Am I?

It's a really disconcerting feeling when all that you thought you were – who you think you are – turns out to be some kind of construct you built to keep yourself safe after experiencing a trauma in childhood (or in my case babyhood). In her books about adoption*  –...
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Me First because too many of us put everyone else first and still expect to keep giving of ourselves from a cup half full (or half empty, depending upon your perspective).

My work focuses on helping you figure out what “Me First” means to you, how to actually put yourself first without the guilt and shame so many of us feel when we do this, and how to use the Me First mindset to create the life, business/career and relationships you’ve always wanted.

If you choose, you can begin our journey of discovery to find out what “Me First” looks like for you…