If No-One Was Watching & No-One Was Judging You, What Would You Do?

Lea-WoodwardWelcome! I’m Lea (pronounced Lee-UH and not Lee) and I’m a Strategist and an Implementor which means I plan things and make them happen. Quite a rare combination, it turns out!

So What Is Mastery?

I’m a mother of two young kids so when I talk about mastery, I am not envisaging a picture of anyone sitting zen-like in a clutter-free room, in complete control of your emotions and with your entire life and business running smoothly and wholly bump-free…

To me, mastery means embarking on a journey to live life the way YOU want to live it and run a business the way YOU want to run it.

When I talk about mastery, I’m really talking about consciousness. And by consciousness I mean the awareness of what is, and the ability to change this if you want to.

Imagine the life you’d live and the business you’d run if no-one was watching you and no-one was judging you. That’s what I help people work towards…

Who I Work With

I work with game-changers – people who are hungry to change the game they’re playing for themselves, and for others. Why? Because I’ve found these are the kind of people who:

  • Are willing to do the work needed to get somewhere; they have the stamina and patience.
  • Are smart, savvy and hungry; no external motivation needed.
  • Are aligned with their core values (or are striving to be).
  • Already have a revenue-generating business (or have funding to start one).
  • Are set on their BIG idea, and past the point of chasing every shiny, new thing that crosses their path.
  • Just want to know how to scale their business and put the right foundations in place to go big.

How I Can Help

I excel at helping people go from something to something even better, from hopeless to hopeful, and move from one level to the next, experiencing change as comfortably and as consciously as possible.

I help people pull apart their unconscious assumptions, cause them to re-examine their usual ways, and then help them reconstruct things in a way that will work better for them…in business and in life.

The work I do is focused on helping you step up to the plate in ALL your roles – in business and in life. Find out how I can help here (it’s more affordable than you realise!) →

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Jack of all trades, master of…I have come to realise and appreciate that this is a rare combination to find in one person – I’m your typical multi-passionate, multi-skilled, and prone-to-shiny-object-syndrome entrepreneur, who some might say is a jack of all trades and master of none!

But I’ve been around the online world for long enough (since 2005 to be exact) to know the landscape better than many, and during this time I’ve conceived of and implemented likely 50x more ideas than most of my peers. Were they all successful? Absolutely not. But some were successful enough that I’m still alive and kicking, and enjoying playing in this space over ten years later.

My journey through entrepreneurship has never been solely about business, it’s been an all-encompassing life experience too. I live my life the way I want to live it and I do business the way I want to do it, no matter how weird or ‘wrong’ my way might seem to others.

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If I can help you think differently about things, I can help you change them...so my content is designed to provoke this – to help you to rethink what you're doing and why.

Critical thinking, conscious questioning and intentional decision-making are the hallmarks of mastery. If you're ready to step up, start here!

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As the leader of your life and business, self mastery is critical to your success. But where do you start? And what if everything feels like it needs an overhaul?

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